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Women with Super Powers Milan Event

Iwaited to communicate it, I was looking for the best way to let you know that beautiful things happen, as I have the great opportunity to collaborate with a fashion house born from the ambition of a forward-looking and talented woman like Milena Andrade.

She is Brazilian but has lived in Milan longer than me and has the perfect pair of jeans.

Yes, it is one of the most difficult garments to find on the market, despite the infinite choice!

So I launched myself into this challenge: to introduce the world to the line of jeans by MILENA ANDRADE -THE EMPOWERING DENIM.

For them I take care of the development of the business, making sure that every woman can find her perfect pair of jeans both from the collection (which among other things is very cool!) And made to measure.

There’s another thing – how do we women feel when our pair of jeans makes us look slimmer and with the right curves?


And what do we want to do when we feel UNBEATABLE? We want to do everything and find the strength to achieve our goals in both private and professional life.

So,  as a networking lover having participated in hundreds of them I thought … why don’t we meet all these women who love jeans and are unbeatable too?

From this idea the evenings for Women with Super Powers are born: 2 nights a year, during which women with super-powers meet, introduce themselves, exchange experiences and business cards, network and do business and know in preview also the new collection of jeans Milena Andrade!

So … you bring business cards and we bring bubbles and jeans!

We hope it will be a unique evening of its kind, I hope so on a personal level because I believe that from a common passion we can unleash incredible energy and from this energy endless ideas and incredible projects!

So if you who are reading are a woman with super-powers, you think you have them but you don’t know what they are, you have talent, you have a project, you want to talk about it with someone or you just like jeans and you want to have a good laugh … what are you waiting for to confirm your presence on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at the first The Empowering Denim Event in Milan?

The new site is under construction but in the meantime we will inform you from our facebook page!

Will you be there? Yes you will be there!

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