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Saturday 6 October will be a special day.

Giulia turns 3 years old and I am a 3 years old mother, a woman in continuous transformation and a professional, committed to fulfilling her dreams.

Precisely for this reason, instead of taking a day-off like I usually do for the whole family’s birthdays, I decided to meet other women to make my contribution at this stage in their lives.

Saturday 6 October, at 10.45 am in the Sala Carriera of Cascina Ovi in ​​Segrate, I will bring my new workshop “Personal Dress Code“. The title seems more austere than what this time together brings, because the goal is to forget a bit about the stereotypes that surround us, play with fashion to adapt it to our daily working life and discover at the same time that our body is not just a great set of defaults… indeed!

1 hour to chat, learn, play and bring home a new self-image, ready to face our goals.

I think there is still some place, all the information is here – I really hope to see you!

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