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The Beauty Bundle

Iwrote a book … a little e-book to make your life easier! 🙂

Tomorrow, however, the possibility of accessing it at a special price (35 euros instead of 49.50) expires, as it is part of a series of 20 online courses dedicated to the beauty and wellness field at 360 °, launched a few days ago.
The Beauty Bundle, in fact, following one of the new trends in education, is the first dedicated Italian bundle that collects 20 courses in video format and e-books, written by 20 Italian professionals.

You will be able to learn at your own pace, without deadlines or fixed appointments.

From 5 October each author will be free to sell his/her course individually, at regular retail price.

The macro-topics you will find inside the Bundle are: styling, make-up, cosmetics and wellness, nutrition, training, personal growth.

In the styling section, you will also find my e-book to become your own image consultant.

Personally I have already finished reading and seeing the advice of some of my colleagues and in particular the guide on curvy physicists, which is very useful and perfectly integrable with mine and the video of a simple but effective daily yoga routine.

You still have just about 24 hours to buy the Bundle for 35 euros and give a gift to yourself or your friends!

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