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DiversityStyling: the non-exclusive fashion blog

Last summer I started hearing about Diversity and Inclusion, I started attending conferences, listening to webinars and interviews to find out more.
I had the impression that when speaking of rights and duties not enough was said (not to say done) to represent all diversities in fashion and beauty  (sexual, physical, chromatic, religious, cultural, sentimental …).
I thought about my customers, myself, friends who don’t enter certain stores because “for them / for us there is nothing”.
I thought that an image consultant could not feel complete if he/she cannot satisfy every need for self – enhancement.

In November 2019, following the national conference of the Rete al Femminile in Turin (an Italian association of women freelancers and entrepreneurs), I put together some inspirations and said to my Bolivian then trainee, Mariana, that it would have been nice to create a fashion and beauty blog that could become a reference point for all those who feel excluded from fashion and beauty.

Even Liliana and Andrew, also trainees then and collaborators now, embraced my idea and today I am excited to announce that DiversityStylingByVirgoImage is up and running, an independent VirgoImage project and international blog dedicated to Every Body (like my friend Alicia Searcy states): we will be talking about fashion, cosmetics, beauty, 3 typical fields that, as the American transgender actress and model Hari Nef said in this interview for the Business of Fashion,  have the power to tell us who is ok and who is not.

DiversityStylingByVirgoImage is open to everyone – the goal is not only to tell stories but to give concrete advice and information to feel better in one’s shoes, to accept oneself, enhance oneself without distorting and above all … find out where to buy or who to contact for specific needs .

I could never have done all this on my own and I am grateful to my adventure colleagues, to those who wanted to be interviewed for my Live on Instagram and to all those who decided to believe in the project even before it went online.

The blog is published, you are all invited to contribute, share and send suggestions. Thank you!

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