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5 personal image consultants to run away from

Today, I was talking to Giulia, while her new color was getting done under the hair-dryer.

Giulia is one of my clients in Milan, who chose my Make Over and Feng Shui DressUP! sessions and, as being a coach, she started an interesting conversation about the Personal Image Consulting business and how it is perceived by others.

Back home, I could not keep myself from writing this list of the 5 personal image consultants every customer (despite his or her shopping budget) should avoid if he/she wants to seriously work on their image and learn how to manage it successfully:

1. The Fashionista Type: are you a Fashionista? No? Then, don’t waste money on a “language course” you’ll never learn and basically don’t give a damn about!
Would you like to become one? Sign up on a couple of blogs, spend money you don’t have and take some selfies…

2. The Wise Type: are you looking for somebody to tell you what to wear? Ask your mother… it’s free!

Or you’re looking for somebody who truly helps you to improve your image and understands what you like?

3. The Chatty Type: if he/she doesn’t listen, how can he/she understands what you want?

4. The Funny Type: obviously, you don’t need somebody who makes you cry in front of the mirror (you know how to do it really well!) but if you wanted a comedian you would probably have opted for a night at the theater…

5. The Annoying Type: are your bixxx friend who points out all your weaknesses or the “OMG-this-is-sooo-perfect-for-you-I-sold-it-out!” vendor  not enough?

A real, committed personal image consultant listens to you and tries to understand what you really want, how you (want to) feel in front of the mirror, points out your strength points (yes, even YOU have loads!), understands how you want to be perceived and supports and advises you without imposing his/her thoughts.

What do you think? What is your idea of a personal image consultant?

If you like this post, share it and let’s discuss it together!

Write to you soon,

Your Personal Image Consultant and Personal Shopper



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