Discovery Shopping: with your personal shopper

Living in Italy?

Are you spending too much and not wearing what you shopped? Would you like to learn how to create new outfits or are willing to change your style but don’t know how?

Visiting Italy for fun or business?

Looking for a gift, a Made in Italy suit or just want to shop?
One of the best souvenirs you can get from your Vita Italiana (Italian life-stye) is… obviuosly fashion!

Discovery Shopping is a personal shopping experience that allows you to discover and shop only what really fits your body, expresses your style and personality, and empowers your professional or social role in full!

Whether you need to refresh your style to fit a new environment or just want to get the best out of your shopping in Italy;
whether you need a guide to optimize your shopping-time or a personal assistant to help you match your style with your budget, VirgoImage has it all.
Angela will be your personal shopper in Milan, at Northern Italian outlets or online.

From down-town artisans laboratories, to made in Italy emerging designer shops to luxury boutiques out to the best outlets.
Furthermore you can have the best taylors available for you to manufacture your dress or suit and provide the best experience you deserve.
Limo service is available on request.

After a Discovery Shopping session you will have 2 extra VirgoE-mage style requests to use within a year if you have forgotten some outfit combinations or have doubts on your future shopping.

This service includes Body Booster and can be matched to Color Explosion and Treasure Wardrobe or can be booked online as VirgoE-mage.

Perfect for: yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.
Are you a company? This can be the perfect benefit for you managers, top clients or buyers or any other employee needing a more corporate-oriented restyling.

Duration; 2 hours minimum

Price: from 155 euros (transfers outside of Milan are not included)

Have a look at the matching combos.

Ready for some real shopping? Contact me!

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