Personal Styling For Chinese Client

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your wonderful report. I appreciate the effort you put in to create this report. I love the pink and blue suit you picked out in there. I went shopping a little in Germany with the knowledge I learned from you in mind. I remember the 2 balance points very well and I bought a nice suit shirt and a pair of pants bearing the idea of how to match long-waist pants with high-waist shirt. I also bought a pair of beige work flats with medal dots on them. Medal dots are something I never would consider before  . I also got a dress from H&M with Halter neckline. I love jumpsuits very much and I happen to have one with the exact square hallow cut-out like you listed in your report. What a coincident!

You’ve really inspired me. And I just bought a few sets of lingeries from this brand Intimissimi while I was traveling in Munich and saw this Italian brand that really caught my eye. What a coincident! (Another proof that you’ve really inspired me in the most instinctual way!). I think you’ve enlightened me to see my body structure in a different way and how I can dress to enhance my body shape rather than hide it too much. Thank you for that great enlightenment!

I’m very happy with my report and thank you for your hard work


Laura is a film-producer for the Chinese production studio We-create
With VirgoImage she has started her restyling with our service Feng Shui DressUp and followin a make – over online organized in different Skype meetings. The result was a personal styling report full of real outfits she could pick on or get inspired by. Laura has sent me some pictures I shared we are happy to share with you 
If you want to know more about this talented video producer and her partner and twin sister you can write her directly

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