Samuela, 26 anni, Milano, Italy

“I booked Body Booster, a personal image consulting session to receive advice on how to flatter my figure and how to match clothes I couldn’t combine. I chose this service because it was a period of my life I was feeling stuck between my being a young girl still and becoming a woman. My clother and the way I wore them were not satisfying me and I needed a change. I am really satisfied with this service, I found a calm person in front of me, willing to listen to my needs without the hurry to end the session on time.

Now I dare more and I am more confident with what I wear. It’s true that an hour is not much to see a total change (sometimes you just need a person who can make you understand that femininity is something we need to express) but I am convinced that since the day after I tried to listen to all advice I received”


Marta, 25 anni, San Bassano, Italy

“Thank you Angela, I’m so happy I received my report!
I’m really satisfied with last Saturday personal image consulting. It was a new and rewarding experience. Now I am more confident with what I should and should not wear.. which is really important. Laso, As you suggested, I will try to use more accessories and it would be better if I could prepare my outfit the night before. I will need to learn how to get better organized!
Thank you again so much for last Saturday”


Francesca, over 50, San Bassano, Italy

“Thank you so much”

Iìve been waiting for your report with much curiosity.
Thank you for last Saturday session. I really enjoyed it (and it was really educational as well)
My girlfriends were curious to hear my feedbacks and my enthusiastic answers I believe, will drive some of them, to contact you.
Thank you for your advice and for boosting me to wear make-up.
I have already reshaped my eyebrows and decided to go on with make-up”


Marialuigia, over 50, San Bassano, Italy

“Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for your simple and effective advice, you gave me last Saturday and that you wrote in the report. I have already read it over and over again carefully.

As soon as I got home, I took my tweezers and widended my eyebrows: immediate effect! (it’s true you need little to look better)

Finally, thanks to your tips I am ready to buy and wear at least one cool dress and matching shoes.

My girlfriends are really curious about this experience and I already have your business card to one of them”


Elena M, 36 years old, Monza, Italy

“I’m promoting you so fiercely in the last days!
Since Saturday morning I feel like new!
I haven’t gone out without make – up and never again in my tracksuit!

Obviously the change has been noticed by all my employees as well, and it’s been really appreciated.
I also went to a new hairdresser who completely made me over”

Eleonora Passalacqua, Lucca, Italy

“I took part in VirgoOneDayLab to renew my business wardrobe. Angela is precious, she is a dedicated professional who can immediately get in syntony with the person in front of her.
She instantly understood what I needed and with simple advice and tricks she made my life much easier.
Now, finding the right outfit for every business occasion is really simple.
I deeply advise this service to everybody, most of all to those who thought they did not need it, like me! :-)

A special thank you to Stefano, the junior image consultant who, with his intuitions gave me valuable style suggestions!


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