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I really like your style, lively, classy but never snob, welcoming for any type of women! ;-)

Cristiana Melis, Coach, Coaching Power, Milan, Italy

Personal Image Consulting experience P.A. (lady)

Thank you so much for your precious advice, that I used immediately going shopping, my personal color wallet is fantastic and the report you sent me is full of useful indications.

Thanks to you, my monochromatic style is getting more colorful!

It’s been an incredibile experience and I believe it can be advised also to those people who think do not need it, you can always learn something new and those little tricks that can help you look at yourself differently.


P.A., lady, Milano, over 40

Services requested: Body Booster (body type analysis), Color Explosion (color analysis) and Treasure Wardrobe (closet audit)

Michela, 30, Milan, Italy

Last night I tuned into SILVERMUSIC RADIO! Congratulations I really enjoyed your interview!
I would like to thank you again for our meeting last Tuesady, I enjoyed it and you gave me so much precious advice, I’m really satisfied.
From the first moment you succeeded to understand my mood and making me feel comfortable, especially when I was going through a tough period of my life…

Thank you again and good luck on your future projects!

Some Discovery Shopping moments (Personal Shopping) with Michela, looking for her perfect business outfits. 

Personal Shopping VirgoImage

Personal Shopping VirgoImage

Personal Shopping VirgoImage


Mery, 39, Monza, Italy

#VirgoPerfectPacking and

my chic weekend in Paris with a dwarf-size trolley

As you all know, flying with low cost airlines implies traveling very.. too light! The trolley you can have with you is probably enough for your beauty-case!
Said so, I had to go to Paris on a 3 days romantic trip, weather forecasts were bad and I could only bring a super small trolley for my super cool day and night outfits!
WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY DO ?I called VirgoImage to choose the minimum quantity of items to be always my best!

Thanks to Angela I could be sporty and comfortable by day (always flawless) and elegant and chic by night – only by expertly combining my clothes and accessories!

It’s been a miracle! I would have brought half of my wardrobe AND at least 5 pairs of shoes!

Thank you so much VirgoImage!


Marcella and Riccardo, over 35, Italy

Dear Angela,

It’s been a great pleasure for us as well to know you and try this completely new experience for us.

Your advice are really precious!
I (Marcella) was immediately boosted to tide up my wardrobe and shoe rack and then I thought to swap some clothes with my sister.
Today I matched a pair of pants without cuffs with a low-necked shirt and a belt (that I found in a drawer). I still have to work a lot on it but I have to say that the effect is really much different!
Very soon I will by full figure mirror!

Thank you!

Marcella and Riccardo

Alessandro, over 35, radio speaker, Milan Italy

Dear Angela, thank you so much! Your advice were really, really precious. so precious that right after the wedding we went shopping!

I had the only goal to find more fitted jackets, super slim shirts and I basically sacked Zara. Monday at the radio, I immediately earned success and approval (obviously mostly among my women-colleagues, with deep happyness of Francesca…)
Jokes apart, it’s been a really useful, fun, stimulating and rewarding experience.

Best wishes,


(VirgoCouple customers)


Marina, employee in finance, 30 years old, Milano, Italy

I’m very happy about this experience. It made me more confident when choosing clothes and colors. I understood better how to dress up and do my hair-style to flatter my strength points. Thank you Angela!


Anna P. over 40, employee, Milano, Italy

Thank you for the pictures you sent me and the great advice that I will follow for sure! During the weekend I revised my wardrobe, tried to tide it upm made new combinations trying to make all the matchings with colors and accessories.

You instilled a lot of positive energy […] when I looked at myself in the mirror, I really had a different light, thanks to all the things you told and taught me. I am very luck I met a person like you, you are a really valiant and charismatic person”


A.N. man, 24 years old, Treviso, Italy

“Angela made me understand what shapes and colors I need to choose most.Time spent with her was a true investment with immediate returns. Her suggestions will help me shop items more carefully and more effectively for the personal image I want to express in order to avoid to waste money on clothes that do not fit me in shape, color and style. Already a few days after our image consulting and personal shopping session, I feel I am dressing up much better”


M.T. woman, Milan, Italy

” I tried the Body Booster service. I booked it as I was curious to have some suggestions about my clothes and my future shopping.
I really enjoyed and liked it, I gained many benefits. I felt more self-confident, able to read and see things differently and a whole range of practical tips that have been very useful so far”


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