Color Explosion and Decluttering. Lavinia says: YOU are the focus

First I’d like to say that “personal image consultant” is one of those figures I run away from, not because I don’t need it (in fact…) but because I’ve always thought it “was not for me”.

The same skepticism I had with Angela, I confess. But them, she had something different, because she offers a service that is in line with you, you are the focus, not fashion, not unreachable beauty standards, nothing like this. YOU.

How you are shaped, your skin color, your job, what you want to express. And this is the approach that impressed me, and I wanted to try. And I am VERY satisfied! After this color analysis, we went through the “open your wardrobe” phase and Angela that does decluttering with you: keep, toss, mmm when did you buy this?!?

I had a great time, and now I have a wonderfullll personal color wallet that I always keep with me (what if I see something and want to shop?) and I warmly recommend Angela and her services to you all!

Lavinia, Milan, Web content Editori, Reportage à trois

Chosen Service: Body Booster (body type anaysis)Color Explosion (color analysis)Treasure Wardrobe (closet audit)

VirgoOneDayLab – course and practical lab in personal image consulting and personal shopping

Jessica’s experience at the VirgoOneDayLab

Loving the personal shopping and personal image consulting field, some time ago I decided to dedicate all my energy to this new adventure, and started studying deeply in order to gain all the knowledge I could about this fascinating business.

I attended different courses but, as with everything, going from theory to practice is not easy, as you are always missing some skills that can be gained just training and that can really help you learn something. So I decided to contact Angela and try to get the best out of this experience – what can I say? Finally I got some results!

Useless saying that her professionality and precious advice have been an on going source of information and learning, and thanks to her I acquired my first client!

I will endlessly thank Angela for this opportunity she gave me, I hope our future cooperations will be as succesful as these. Thank you again for everything! <3

Jessica Pellegrino, Milano Personal Shopper

VirgoOneDayLab from the customer’s point of view

It’s been a great and interesting experience, that left me with the desire to make space for new things, improve and flatter my body: thank you!

I think we created a nice atmosphere and that the hours spent together were really productive: I could appreciate your working method live and confirm my admiration!
Jessica, (the student) was really precise and professional, I really loved the way she worked with me!

As you predicted, as soon as you left I carried on decluttering and made up 4 more bags full of clothes: I went through my underwear and pajamas as weel – 2 categories that are really special for me but where I tend to accumulate a lot. So facing those 2 is a great sign!

I really hope there will be a chance to organize a new session in order to complete this make-over as I want to go on with the “transformation” and i desperately need to find this new I made space for! :-)

I am looking forward to receiving your Action Plan!

Thank you so much again!

Daniela, 33, Milan

Services: VirgoOneDayLab (real customer of the personal image consulting lab), body booster (personal image consulting), color explosion (color analysis), treasure wardrobe (wardrobe audit)

Personal Image Consulting Italy

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for your very nice material – and thank you for the sketch!
The new colors are a bit hard to wear, but I’m doing my best! And I was waiting for your report to start shop a bit, following your advice.

During the weekend I will put your advice into practice!
I wish you all the best, hoping to meet you again soon!
I have very much appreciated your professionalism, your availability, good taste and the way you listent to my needs before giving practical answers to my questions!
The material you sent me is presented with taste and elegance, and it perfectly matches my needs, my expectations and the advice you gave me.

I am very satisfied with your service!
Thank you again and my best regards,

Simona, Ventimiglia

Services chosen: Body Booster (personal image consulting)Color Explosion (color analysis)Treasure Wardrobe (closet audit)

Color Analysis and Personal Shopping in Milan: a store manager’s experience with VirgoImage

Fabulous Experience!
Angela, you are a brilliant consultant.
You are reliable, self-confident and always available to give the right advice to improve someone’s look.
The color analysis experience was really surprising.
The most shocking thing was discovering that pink, that I could never thought to include in my outfits was actually one of my most flattering colors.
Personal Shopping was so interesting. You immediately pinpointed my taste and the style I’ve always wanted to have but never really been brave enough to switch to, as I’ve never been sure that it could suit me.
With my personal color palette wallet, you found the right outfits in new stores I never considered, I warmly advise this experience to all those who want to improve their own image and perception towards others!
Thank you again for the time you dedicated to me and the future cooperations and advice that may come!

Djalma Candito, Store Manager Boutique Lindarico, Milan

p.s. COmments from Kang and Kata (colleagues) – you look taller and slimmer! Mission accomplished!

Services chosen: Body Booster, Color Explosion (color analysis), Discovery Shopping (personal shopping)

Look at Dj’s pictures on my Facebook page Dress YourSelfie And Go For it

Shopping on Demand in Milan with VirgoImage

I’d like to tell you about my second experience with Angela, like this:

I had to travel to Rome due to a 2 days course and obviously.. I didn’t know what to pack and wear, I started to think about the different climate, the new season that is not coming, my new look after the first personal image consulting with Angela, my colors and obviously the new collections in stores.

Then I thought… “I don’t have enough time, I can’t go shopping and look among all the shops for what better suits me!”

I called Angela and asked for help!

She immediately understood my needs and made a reasearch for me.

She sent me lots of pictures of really interesting outfits. She gave me all indications about the boutiques she selected for me and made sure I could find my sizes, style and budget-oriented items at my arrival.
The result was great and I carried everything out in 2 hours!!!

I’m so satisfied!

Barbara Petito, Milan, manager of SPAZIO IKOS beauty and spa treatment

Service chosen: Discovery Shopping, Shopping on Demand, Personal Shopping

Have a look at some of the outfits Angela chose for Barbara on her facebook page Dress YourSelfie And Go For it!

Me, a client of the VirgoOneDayLab experience (a day as a personal image consultant)

I thank you so much for this opportunity to be a customer during the VirgoOneDayLab with Patrizia, at an exceptional price!

Also, it’s a great practical test for the student taking care of the client!

I felt good, relaxed and I had fun!

Your presence was flawless, you gave a decisive touch on some things – such as my wardrobe!
It really needed some refresh!
Some suggestions on fitting during our personal shopping session were also crucial.

Choosing the right color, flattering my skin, is something I never thought of – now I do!
Shame we did not have enough time to find some more accessories – time just flew!

Clarissa, Ivrea – VirgoOneDayLab personal image consulting and personal shopping client  (personal image consultingcolor analysiscloset auditpersonal shopping)


My new professional life in personal image consulting

I will thank you all my life for your kindness, availability, positivity, professionalism you always demonstrated.

You’ve been one of the main architects of my new professional life.

Working with you is always a pleasure, you never stop learning!
And your eyes are full of positive energy!

You deserve all the best life can give because kind people are easy to spot!

Stefano Cortesia, Novara

VirgoOneDayLab: one day as an Image consultant (workshop, course, lab)

VirgoOneDayLab – best money spent on personal image consulting education

You’ve been a great tutor, professional, competent and most of all highly available to share your knowledge – your secrets!

I appreciated your way of teaching what to do and how to do it!

It’s been really useful to start working and I am happy I got to know you and I had the chance to try this brilliant idea of VirgoOneDayLab!

The best spent money on my Personal Image Consulting education!

Thank you so much for everything!

Patrizia, Milan

VirgoOneDayLab: one day as an Image consultant (workshop, course, lab)

Angela helped me discover my colors

Today (Angela) helped me discover my colors and finally I understood why, even if loving some specific shades, when I buy them I can’t wear them…

Angela’s session allows you to understand some things about you, look at your face in a different way and spend your money better!

If I buy something that I can’t wear, even if I adore it, isn’t it again a waste of money (and space in my closet?). Thank you Angela!!!!

Monica Moro, Milan, nutritional counselor, Belight Counseling

Service ordered: Color Explosion, personal color analysis

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