Closet Audit: Silvia’s experience in Milan

Hi Angela,
No way I could put everything back in the closet – I didn’t hesitate to move out all the bags for the charity shop!  ;))
I don’t regret it though!
My closet is empty but full of beautiful things!

Also, while I was leaving out all the old things, a very important memory came to my mind ;-)
It’s been a really strong feeling, getting rid of my own skin.
Now, I need to find out how to compromise betweeb comfortable and nice.. but we’ll work it out!  :)) :)
Thank you for the comments, I’m not going to study my  “personal report“. :)
My color palette is a precious point of reference!
Thank you!
We’ll stay in touch!

S. lady, Milan, 43 years old

Services chosen Body Booster (body type analysis)  Color Explosion (color analysis) e Treasure Wardrobe (closet audit)

Personal image consulting and color analysis in Milan – Giulia’s feedback

Dear Angela, Thank you for sendimg me my personal report so fast!

I found out so many interesting inspirations I would like to go deep into, such as long dresses, high – waisted skirts and bust-shortening or arm-minimizing tops :-) […]

I would like to thank you again once more: I found your sessions professional and rich in inspirations and new perspectives. I am starting to look at myself more like an ensemble of shapes, lines and colors to harmonize by following the practical indications you gave me.
I really appreciated the fact that you left me talking about my body, choosing the aspects to flatter and the most suitable colors, without ever imposing me your vision or judgement but guiding my considerations towards the right direction.
A good balance between my personal expression and your competence.

Honestly, Thank you so much!

I’ll let you know how my shopping goes :-) Thank you again and all the best to you and the little Giulia!


Giulia (31 years old)

Service chosen: Body BoosterColor Explosion

Color Explosion, color analysis, Elisa’s feedback

I decided to make myself a gift, and I did right!

The Summer season pushed me to try on new colors but I was fiercely in doubt and in the end I would choose always the same hues and tones. So… I asked Angela!

in this occasion I met Patrizia (her student). I felt well and satisfied, now I am more confident about myself and dare to wear even yellow! ;-)


Elisa, over 30, Novara

Services: Color Explosion

ps Patrizia is one of my last students who also participated to a  VirgoOneDayLab

Personal Image Consulting and color analysis Milan – EtD’s experience

Dear Angela and Patrizia – Happy Sunday!

Thank you for the moodboard you sent me. You perfectly understood and interpreted my needs&wants and transformed them into a helpfyl and user-friendly tool (personal report)

Patrizia, carry on like this.. your new professional life will give you so much satisfaction and remember…

” To my father I owe my life, to my teacher a life worth living” (Alexander Magnus)

best, EtD

EtD, man, over 40, Milan

Patrizia is one of my last students, as I am getting ready for maternity leave, I was just there to supervise her excellent work!

Personal Image Consulting and Color Analysis feedback

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for your caring, availability and professionality showed me in this first of a series of meetings.

Deeply, I already knew I took the right decision which was only confirmed.

You are an Excellent  person and a professional and

“Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit”  (Aristotle)

Have a great Sunday! EtD

EtD, over 40, man, Milan

Services chosen:  Body Booster and Color Explosion

Getting ready for my maternity leave, this was a service provided by one of my students in personal image consulting and personal shopping, with me only supervising.She is giving me so much satisfaction (go on and read what EtD says about her)

Man Style – Fabri’s experience

Hi Angela…

I’d like to update you:
-the suit arrived and everything is ok (just adjusting the rims now)
– my made-to-measure classic shirt… will it be delivered to you or to me?

I am really happy to let you know that as soon as I wore the linen pink shirt and my beige pants we chose together at Dutti, compliments just poured on me at work! And on the streets… women look at me more carefully ;-)

So… so far a big WIN on my casual wardrobe, thanks to your job! (and that I’m still missing shoes and belts!)

Fabri, over 40, Varese

Services chosen:  Make Over and made-to-measure shirt by VirgoImage

My personal image make-over

Dear Angela,

I picked you following my instict and with thousands doubts and maybes towards an experience that was so far from mine: my expectations where totally satisfied – actually went much further than what I thought!

Your great professionality allower me to give a turn-over to my image, it made me more conscious about the message we send with what we wear…

Thank you for tossing everything I would have never worn and especially what would have never flattered my body!
Thank you for the wonderful colors you gave me that light up and smooth my face and skin – but most of all thank you for all your advice that increased my self-esteem!

Your color-wallet is always in my bag, ready for new shopping adventures and your personal report is just GREAT!!!
I warmly recommend this experience with you, to everybody!!

Veronica, 28 years old, Lainate

Services chosen: Body Booster, Color Explosion, Treasure Wardrobe

Color Analysis, Body Booster, personal image consulting Milan

I chose Angela because I believe she is a great professional, I got to know her through word-of-mouth of friends who already knew her and had sessions with her: I saw them transformed.
I think Angela’s main talent is to support customers by advising them on clothes and styles that better flatter not only their figure but also their personality.
My personal image has always been my weak point, I’ve always thought that people should appreciate me for who I am beneath the surface and that, if they could go deeper, they would not worth it.
Angela instead, made me understand that taking care of ourselves means taking care of others, especially if you are a freelancer like me.

It’s a kind of love towards ourselves but also care and respect towards others.
Thank you Angela for this precious teaching and for this line I made mine : ” We have a goal and a bit of make up can surely help!”

Beatrice Lugano, Milan, graphic and web designer

Services chosen: Body Booster, Color Explosion

Color Analysis and Closet Audit in Milan

Dear Angela,

Your Advice is so precious! I thank you for helping me open my eyes (and my wardrobe). I had so many items – some I’d say old and wrong-sized – left in the back of my closet. I really needed a critical external eye and objectve point of view to help me spot what really flatters my body, and what’s to toss instead.


I really enjoyed your Color Explosion (color analysis) session. I never thought that there might be colors that better suit my face and lines. Also, you made me understand what really my body type is and what clothes, shapes and outfits are best for me.

I am sure that from now on, I will be more focused on smart shopping. it’s incredible how many things we accumulate in our wardrobes in years: so many times I instinctively bought items that I then used once or never .. I am sure that thanks to your suggestions I will never waste time and money again!

Before knowing you I thought personal image consulting was for few or tv programs: now I would advise it to everybody because it really focuses on you and your real needs.

Thank you!

Francesca, Milan, pr, press office freelance, blogger Startup In Rosa 

Services chosen: Body Booster, Color Explosion, Treasure Wardrobe


Discovery Shopping – personal shopping in Milan with Angela

Angela is a true guide to Milanese  shopping : with her you discover new shops, optmize your time and discover what really fits you.

It’s like shopping with a friend who has the careful and prepared like a professional!

Patrizia Frattini – web copywriter –

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