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Milano Fashion Week starts today and I wanted an Italian beauty to star the blog!

Silvia’s story was published on many online and offline magazines and she has been a guest on several tv shows.
But the one thing that really drove my attention towards her, was her extreme confidence and they way her beauty shone all over, despite her diversity.
I needed to know how she got there!
Enjoy the read!


I am a fashion designer, a motivational speaker and a bald woman

How and when, did Alopecia turn from being a weak point to your strength point?

Reality is that the moment I became bald, which was in 2005 at 15 years old, I understood that, what was happening to me, would have changed my life forever. It was then that I understood, I had to take all the strength I had in me to face my hairloss

So from that moment on my alopecia taught me to focus on what I had instead of what I had lost. 

It showed me that the concept of beauty can be revisited, and it transformed me into a person grateful for everything in my life. 

Silvia is a white bald lady. The picture shows her face, part of here back and right shoulder. Her righr hadn covering her left eye. She is wearing some thin golden bracelets, gold ring on her middle finger, and thin round earring on her right ear. Her lips are red and she is looking down. Tall grass in the background.

Since you started feeling more confident, what have been your greatest success?

I was able to put away my wig and go around with my headwraps on. I was able to take those off too and go around bald.

Since that moment the world belonged to me finally.
I became a woman in love with myself and confident. 
I fell in love, I found a job and I became super active on social medias, showing myself without fear.
I was interviewed by Donna Moderna and I was invited on National Television to talk about my journey. 
I started to post pictures of me on instagram and publishing videos on youtube, about my experience with alopecia. 

Silvia is staring at the camera wearing a colorful turban. Her brown eyes are wide open, and she is slightly smiling. She is wearing a white shirt with a blazer collar with a darker hem. Details of a living in the back.

Turbans, you make them and teach others to wear them: what is special about your collection?

I decided that I was going to show people how much fun it can be to use a scarf on our head. When I stopped wearing a wig, but I was not ready to go around bald, I decided to wear a scarf instead. From that moment on, I decided to start teaching other women how to wear them and empower them to be confident. I don’t have a collection yet, but that is the plan: create a line that gives women real confidence through what they wear on their head. 

You are a knitwear designer and a great testimonial of body confidence: embracing curves is not easy for many women. What would you like to tell them?

We cannot compare ourselves with what we see on magazines or social medias.
Too often photoshop is used to change the photos that don’t look perfect. 
I have always been on a diet. At least since I was 17, and guess what? I never ever was skinny (enough), I always had those extra kilos. 
This year I stopped dieting and started eating what I wanted.
Of course I gained some weight but I didn’t care and still don’t. 

If I felt like eating pasta I do. Or icecream. 

And something weird happened. I saw pics of myself with some extra kilos on and didn’t care!
I published them without any retouching on instagram.

This is me right now and I love every inch of my body. 
Will I go on a diet? Probably yes, by eating better and exercise.  

We need to love our body and soul but we also need to respect the body that hosts our soul. 

Excercising is important to keep ourselves healthy and in shape, as much as it’s important to look at the quality of the food that we eat. 

What brands do you think are really curvy-friendly and accessible?

I don’t think that brands should be divided into curvy-friendly or not. But I think that, there are clothes that fit some bodies better than others.

When I go shopping I look for clothes that will help my figure.

Brands I like here in Italy are: undici.florence, a sartorial clothing line made in Florence made of fluid and elegant shapes.  

Clotilde official: a Tuscan brand with oversize and geometric volumes shaped for different occasions and different body types. 

Sweet jolie boutique: an international brand which goal is to empower women to live their life self-consciously.

Studio Maglia: a boutique in the center of Rome that focuses on selling beautiful and high quality products to women of all shapes.

What is your message to the fashion and beauty industry?

I think that the fashion industry should use less retouching in general. It’s ok to show that models are human beings, just like us but much taller!

Future plans?

My plan is to continue informing people about alopecia and what it really is. I like talking about it, writing about it and I want to go on inspiring as many women I can, to love themselves a bit (much!) more.

Meet Silvia on Instagram:

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