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Mariana Suarez - Marketing Specialist & Contributor

Mariana Suarez is a senior majoring in Marketing and Communications. She has been working in the Marketing industry for over two years and has explored the areas of digital marketing, including social media management, as well as the area of Integrated Marketing Communications with a focus on branding and consumer behavior. Her interests in inclusion and acceptance were sparked after seeing the impact that the lack of such had on individuals from her generation, especially due to online negative responses to people that did not meet the stereotypes. Mariana explored her interest further when working alongside Angela in Milan, and is continuing to do so by pursuing an honor thesis in Communications, focusing on e-commerce accessibility for visually impaired and blind individuals. With Diversity Styling, she intends to raise awareness of the lack of inclusion in the fashion and beauty industries and to promote positivity by bringing to light the steps companies are taking to empower all. Ultimately, she aspires to make a change in the world by joining forces with other activists to pave the way towards a worldwide community that can celebrate differences and welcome all.

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