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Skinsugi, the first App that enhances the skin marks.

The indelible signs we carry on the skin are often referred to as “imperfections“. Websites, newspaper articles and ads unconsciously push us to consider them defects and therefore to find an immediate and quick solution to eliminate them from our body; to hide and be ashamed of them, completely neglecting the story and life experiences that they carry.

How the project was born

In this scenario, the Skinsugi project stands in contrast to those that are beauty standards dictated by aesthetic and preset canons and aims at enhancing what our society defines as imperfections. It aims at transforming them into unique and beautiful masterpieces.

Skinsugi was born from an idea of seven young developers and is the result of careful research on people, carried out thanks to surveys and interviews with artists, psychologists and potential users.

The possibility of being able to speak with people who have a sign on their skin has allowed us to fully understand how much they want to be able to share their own story; the will to go beyond the indelible sign and to be able to express all that it truly represents. The signs are their conquests, their renunciations, their fears but also their joy.

Starting from the desire to support people with an indelible mark on the skin (scars, acne marks, stretch marks, etc.), the human-centered design has allowed us to veer in another direction and to aim at enhancing our indelible signs and more generally to an acceptance of the body.

The art of Kintisugi

The project is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, an ancient discipline that consists in enhancing broken objects by applying a golden dust on their cracks. This philosophy applied to life, has allowed us to develop a deep bond with what we can define “cracks” in the life of each one of us.

How the App works

Skinsugi is the first App that enhances the indelible marks of the skin through a journey of rediscovery and enhancement of your indelible sign thanks to innovative contents and recommended activities. The App has three main sections inside: Activities, Insights and Hashtag.

The first section, the result of careful research, allows the user to have a list of activities, both daily and weekly, to always keep the level of self-esteem and well-being high.

The second section includes several channels of entertainment, through which our users can get informed and be inspired by the stories of those who work in the field of body positivity or have had a similar experience to tell and share.

The third section is Hashtag and allows you to create your own unique Skinsugi Masterpiece. A colorful and unique image that you can create according to your tastes and your personality. After creating your Masterpiece you can write the story behind your indelible sign and share it on Instagram from your personal profile or anonymously from our Instagram page @skinsugi.

Don’t forget the hashtag when you share! The goal of the project is to create a community and an art gallery with all the Skinsugi Masterpieces and different stories!

At the moment Skinsugi is available on the App Store in English and Italian but you can also tell your story by contacting us directly.

Click here to download the app for free and to find out more:

Take a look at our YouTube video to find out more about the project:

[message from the DiversityStylingByVirgoImage team: thank you Alessia for sharing your vision with us!]

Skinsugi was also developed by the following Dream Team:
Raffaele Iengo – Project manager
Flora Damiano – UI/UX designer
Francesca Diana – UI/UX designer
Mattia Cardone – Front-end developer
Antonio Cimino – Back-end developer
Silvio Cresci – Back-end developer

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