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Communication for all, with see-through masks.

Have you ever wondered how would it be if you could just communicate with a blink of an eye: something like… blink twice for yes and once for no and… what …3 times for maybe and 123056957-458797-463464-363866796 for I want a pizza?

(I’m Italian, that was the first thing that came to my mind!)

Well… quite discouraging and absurd. This is how deaf or hard of hearing people might feel since the obligation of wearing a mask: a complete barrier, for all those who rely on lip-reading to communicate with each other. Did you know 5% of population is deaf or hard of hearing?

I might be late with this post but, considering what I found around, there are still people who will benefit from this and companies are in time to develop a useful, inclusive business.

It is, though, not only for deafs or hard of hearing people, it is for their care-givers, their interpreters, people in grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, post offices, shops and any, at least basic, business somebody might refer to.

But let’s be honest: do we really like just eye blinks? I mean, it could be romantic (lots of mascara and brow design happening up there!) but… we are all so in need of smiles lately that covering them is just an attack to our wellbeing – and I am saying this in my full ability to hear. If people like me are reassured by simple facial expressions, how fundamental can it be for all those whose main way of communicating with one another, is by visual cues like lip-reading?

Lack of communication and difficulty in interaction can lead to isolation, frustration and anxiety.

Fortunately, individuals like a university student you have probably read about, Ashley Lawrence started home-making them for free and due to the great demand she opened a crowdfunding page: she’s now met her goal  and decided to share how to make them at home for each to benefit its own community.

If you are looking for a see-through masks have a look at:

ClearMask with a tagline that says it all: see the person, not the mask!

Lashfullee on Etsy Relenticity on Etsy

FACEMASKSrUS on EtsyAngel’sGrace moda Inclusiva from Brazil

Royal Woluwe Institute in Brussels in Belgium

Imama and Faizah from IndonesiaDropMask from Italy

Roncato from ItalyLa Rosa Dei Venti from Italy

Divani Santambrogio from Italy

Federica founder of Perchè io Segno from Italy

Invisi-mask from Italy

DIENPI from Italy

Some nice tutorials I found DIY reusable face mask with clear window (for the deaf and hard of hearing) | Maison Zizou

DIY ASL Community Accessible Mask|ASL\ENGLISH video|*Clear Mask*| Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing PPL

in Italy LIS Tutorial for transparent masks (in Italian)

There is so much going on with “standard” masks as Forbes lists how creative fashion brands became through quarantine: hopefully we will see more of this glamorous ideas for transparent masks as well: I believe many of us will switch to them.

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