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First of all: Do you speak and read Italian?

If so, here we have another perfect Christmans gift for you, your kids and your loved ones.

No? Learn some! Or make Italian friends, who can help you translate this wonderful story, about this young Italian based artist, Clara Woods.
I have interviewed her some months ago, with the endless support of her mom Betina and her incredible family. You can learn more about Clara’s story here .

I feel very close to them and often tell Clara’s story to my daughter Giulia, who is fascinated by her paintings and wish to make one with her, someday.

But let me tell you more, about the reasons why you should be buying, reading, sharing this book.

“Voce su Tela”, literally “Voice on Canvas” is a one-of-a-kind book for children, putting together: dreams, talents, arts, colors, words, imagination.

This story thrills both children and adults: it has magic in it, that makes beautiful words merge with the incredible pieces of arts Clara is capable of producing.
This book is not just a good read, it is an invitation for us all, to learn that uniqueness is the key and fitting into stereotypes just a waste of time.

“Voce su tela” is based on Clara’s story and tells of a little girl, who lives on a planet where colors were born, where creatures don’t speak and express themselves through brush strokes.

Then she suddenly comes to Earth.

Clara teaches us how to find a place in the world, by explaining the magic of uniqueness and its endless potential and richness.

Children will enjoy it and keep on dreaming, while adults will learn to put aside prejudices and start dreaming again.
This is also an extraordinary example of how the power of love for art, can help overcome even the greatest difficulties, turning them into positive challenges eventually turning into success.

The book is written by Francesco Ciai and illustrated by Ariana Pisani
Publishing House: KM edizioni
And you can receive it anywhere you are!


The book has the title in purple and italics Voce su Tela (the book is in Italian and so is the title). Brushstrokes of all rainbow colors are in the centre of the page surrounding a child holding up a painter's brush. Bottom left the name of the author Francesco Ciai, in the middle Clara Woods’ signature, on the left the name of the illustrator Arianna Pisani.

Make sure you visit Clara’s planet here:

And shop her unique pieces here:

Follow her on Instagram: and fall in love with her world!

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