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London Represents 2024: The Evolution of Fashion Inclusion!

The energy you could breathe through the pictures, videos and teasers before, during and after the event perfectly show what, who was not there, missed!

In the heart of one of the world’s fashion capitals, this event stands out not only for its style but for its morals and ethos as well. London Represents, a showcase of sustainable and inclusive fashion created by emerging London designers, is not just about the clothes. It is also about representation, inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry. London Represents was established in 2011, and ever since then it has been a beacon of change in fashion. Held on February 17, 2024, at the Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch, in London, it created a space not only for inclusive designers to showcase their work, but for underrepresented models to partake as well, including those who are disabled, plus-size, mature, gender-flexible, and more.

Image shows five inclusivity activists and models speaking at the London Represents panel. The individuals are wearing (left to right) a black and white abstract button up with slacks, a black leather top and pants with a lace overlay, a black dress with decorative stockings, a black tracksuit with a blue stripe down the side, and a bright pink mock neck with black pants and a black vest.

The forefront of London Represents was to celebrate diversity in fashion. To highlight this, a panel talk, hosted by Paralympian Louise Hunt, set the tone for discussions around diversity and representation in fashion. She set the stage for the catwalks that followed her discussion, hoping to challenge the norms of an industry often criticized for its lack of inclusivity. The two catwalks that succeeded Hunt’s talk celebrated people from all walks of life. They included individuals who were disabled, transgender, wheelchair users, dark-skinned and plus-sized.

Vogue model Ellie Goldstein also made an appearance on the runway. However, London Represents wasn’t just about the spotlight, it was also about building a community of inclusive fashion. At the end of the showcase, there was a networking event that provided an opportunity for designers, models and all those in attendance to come together and continue conversations regarding inclusive fashion.

Image (above) shows a blind model walking the runway at a London Represents fashion show wearing a white button up blouse with red polka dots paired with navy pants and black boots. (Photo via Ange Harper Photography)

Image (left) shows seven members of Ran by Nature, an inclusive, sustainable, and eco-friendly athleisure brand that was featured at London Represents. The women with different body types and abilities are wearing milk white and black colored athleisure wear such as leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and more.

Among the lineup of brands that were showcased, the show included some up-and-coming names in sustainability and inclusivity. Brands such as MylkAndHoney, Intotum, IamDenim, Donz, and Byzantium Boutique were in attendance all of which stand out for their commitment to ethical practices and innovative designs. More established brands, such as I Am We Are, Formerly Known As, and Unidaptive were also present. Along with these companies, there were numerous models present at London Represents who embodied the goals of each brand. Some of these models include Callum Swales, Kaisa Sparkle, Julian Sylvester, Hayley Jones, Brenda Elizabeth Taylor, Sylvia Macgregor, Joy Ogboko, Laura, LaMont, Sophia, and more.

Image shows a model that is in a wheelchair on the runway for Sue Surdi Designs at London Represents. This model is wearing a simple black t-shirt, ripped jeans, black tennis shoes, and a colorful statement necklace. 

While each of these brands is unique in its own way, they each have one thing in common. They are all committed to changing the narrative in order to create sustainable and inclusive standards within the fashion industry.

Shout out to unstoppable Samanta Bullock and her team: we are already making sure we’ll be there for the next one!

Image shows a lineup of seven models who were present for the various London Represents fashion shows. These models are diverse in their skin tones, body types, abilities and gender. Samanta Bullock is on the side of the line, on her wheelchair wearing a black outfit and smiling. Models are wearing different Summer and  beach outfits. (Photo via Alfie White)

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