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The Day of St. Valentine: Spread Love, Inclusivity, and “Sensuability”

St. Valentine’s Day or simply Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated around the world to show love for that special someone. This year, more than ever, it is so important to reaffirm the love for all of the people in your life, from family to friends to co-workers. At DiversityStyling, we value love and acceptance above anything else, and would like to share some of our Valentine’s Day finds, that anyone would love. 

Zappos Adaptive has teamed up with Patti + Ricky to create a “functional and fashionable gift guide” for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone has different needs and comfort levels, and Patti + Ricky have curated this list with careful thought. Some of our favorites are the super soft robes, easy-off lingerie, and comfy slippers. Aside from the cozy classics they also include a section for someone who wants to be more dressed up. Stunning pieces like the Braille bracelet, allow anyone to feel close to the special someone with a gift of a special message. The adaptive clothing and jewelry are truly amazing. It is so nice to see this type of representation as we continue to move into 2021. 

Fascia bracelet in bronze color, with writing in Braille. Ph courtesy Patti+Ricky


The Sensuability Project created by Italian, Armanda Salvucci tackles the idea of “sexuality and disability”. Beginning back in December 2017, the project is a culmination of various art mediums including film, photography, and music. As their website says, these are “universal languages”, no matter what your native tongue may be, we all are able to understand and be moved by art. 

February 14, 2021, Sensuability will be debuting the first exhibition on sexuality and disability in Italy that will fight stereotypes through the language of art. Various artists will be featured and everything can be found on their website:

I will end with this quote as the project is truly beautiful and thought provoking, “The intent is not to give univocal answers, but to solicit reflection so that everyone can overcome stereotypes, taboos and prejudices on the theme of “sexuality and disability” and calmly form their own opinion” (Sensuability).

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? I personally will be using it to spread love to those around, as well as, connect with people virtually who I cannot see, due to the pandemic. Love knows no bounds, as they say, and we hope that you will be able to feel that, this February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the DiversityStyling Team!

Sending all of our love!

The picture is a drawing representing a couple eating spaghetti with meat-balls, at a restaurant, outdoor. She is feeding him. He is a blonde blind guy, wearing dark glasses. She is a young, smiling, brunette with long wavy hair. On the table covered in a checked table cloth, a demijohn holding a candle and a smaller jar with grissing bread. The background is blue representing some little village houses and street. Ph courtesy Armanda Salvucci

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