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Last Saturday 3rd October, at 5PM CEST, Nancy Connor from Smart Adaptive Clothing, Samanta Bullock from SB Shop and myself, held the second round table on inclusive fashion, with some exceptional speakers: Barbara Beccio founder of e_ispirante, Betina Genovesi mother and manager of Clara Woods and Cecilia Auth founder of Tubesies.

Nancy, Samanta and myself believe that we need to get together regularly, with brands and final customers, to keep the conversation, together with some action, going.

Everyday, I keep on learning how, making fashion a more diversity-friendly environment is not a matter of books and literature, it is a matter of talking, sharing, doing. 

I am the one writing about it and carrying out some action through my styling services, but, all these ladies are the true revolution. They make products, that are not just functional, they are fun to wear, at all ages.

And they keep on learning too, while developing the next generation of wardrobes for all.

Each single piece is the result of technique, experience and dialogue with their final customer. 

After a brief introduction by Nancy Connor, the Rounde Table was in Cecilia, Barbara and Betina’s hands exceptionnaly led by Samanta Bullock.

Smiling baby wearing a Tubesies bodysuit, with a motivational quote on and a smiling elephant on the front.

Cecilia Auth is the founder of Tubesies, one of the smartest American based brands I’ve ever met. She is a pediatric nurse, witnessing how little heros had to be changed and fed, through a tube, every day, more than once.
For those with children, you know how hard it is to change your little ones, without disturbing his/her game or nap. Well, Cecilia thought… There must be a way to make the tube change easier, with no fuss and much more cuddle. So she took a standard bodysuit, added a fun image, a motivational quote and cut out an invisible window in the front kept firm by a med velcro.

Fun for kids, easy for caregivers. 

Smart enough, to prevent from leacking, she made the window waterproof too, and added a little pocket for some extra garza, if needed. 

You should listen and watch her while she talks: she embodies true love and determination for her mission. 

Little personal comment… tears in my eyes…

Barbara Beccio, founder of E_ispirante in California, (you’ll find a whole interview to her on this blog), is an amazing and passionate skirt designer, for young seated body types. What is unique about them? The different patterns make them fun and easy to match, with any other colors! 

Moreover, the zippers zip up to open, for a more confortable access; the amount of fabric is just enough to cover and not bulk unestaethically in the front; they have no back for a more confortable management by the caregivers as well. 

Last but not least… our final customer voice from Florence, Italy. 

Betina Genovesi is an entrepreneur, Clara Woods‘ mother and manager. She is a volcano and you probably have read Clara’s interview here, but have not focused on her so determining mom role. Betina and her husband’s life mission have become that of guaranteeing a full-of-life-life to Clara and her brother (who is another authentic talent by the way). Clara, for the new readers, is a a prenatal stroke survavior. 

Doctors believed Clara would remain a vegetal, while Betina proved (and is every day) that they were wrong, making sure this challenge is won every day.

Betina’s testimonial of how hard it is, to find the right teenager outfits for Clara, easy to put on and glam and fun to wear, is a clear message to the fashion industry: you guys are still leaving out a too wide piece of cake!

The lack of possibility in buying single shoes, the missing teenager cool and easy to wear jeans… people staring at Clara because of her different movements: these are all proof that we lack the right culture and education.

Barbara smiling while working on a denim jacket.

Betina and Clara smiling, in Milan during a fashion show.

Not mentioning the super tiny and sweaty dressing rooms, where trying on clothes becomes a nightmare. 

Amazed by the speeches, the ideas and the stimuli, Samanta, Nancy and myself could not be any happier to be able to share these stunning stories and contribute to the development of a change in perspective, where Every Body feels welcome and beautiful in their own skin, clothes, accessories and colors. 

We all agree, from our very different points of view, that we all want to blend in and walk into the same stores; we all want more representation and less invitation to look like the-ideal-perfect-one. [Mentioning representation, keep an eye for the #sbchallenge and get involved!]

Next round table Saturday 16th January 2021 at 5pm CEST: we’ll talk about trousers for all. Registrations will soon be open and again, brands and customers will have the chance to interact and learn from each other, for more fun and appropriate clothing. 

We want to keep it real, with you. Join the movement. 

If you want to learn more about each single participant:

Clara Woods:
Instagram and ttps://



Samanta Bullock:
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Smart Adaptive Clothing



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