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Fashion: A World of LGBTQ+ Creations

Societies around the world have long oppressed those of the LGBTQ+ community, yet ironically enough the people of this community have contributed so much to this world that it would likely be bland and lifeless without them. Art and fashion have long been places that fostered the creativity with in the queer community allowing for them to express themselves to the world in “socially acceptable” ways.

There are several designers of well-known brands that were all gay: Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, etc. These men have all contributed much to the world and the queer community and I will highlight some of the accomplishments, but there are other queer designers that I would like to recognize.


Lets meet a few of them!

 Hana Holoquist: A fresh 22, the young lesbian designer creates beautiful work from her own handmade textiles. Based out of NYC, she is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design. Holoquist is redefining the concept of femininity within fashion. She is someone you want to keep an eye out for!

Gogo Graham: The Brooklyn based designer has been features among the likes of Women’s History Museum and RuPaul. She has been an emerging name in the fashion industry for over five years now creating beautiful piece for transwoman. Graham has long since been a sustainable designer, pioneering this idea well before most of the large fashion houses.



No Sesso: Founded by Pierre Davis in 2015 this fashion brand is the first to be founded by a trans person. The brand is based in LA and its name translates from “no sesso” in Italian to “no sex/gender”. This brand challenges the gender norms of fashion and pushes many creative boundaries. They “A community powered brand that focuses on empowering people of all colors, shapes, and identities” (No Sesso). This brand is a force to be reckoned with as they continue to assert their place in the spotlight.



 These three designers are only a few of the talented queer people that are revolutionizing the fashion industry and the world. They are paving the path for younger generations and fostering a community of positive self-expression and acceptance.

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