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An All-Inclusive Halloween: Adaptive Costumes

Halloween is always a fun time of year where people get to dress up and share laughs and candy! I am sure many people have fond memories Trick-or-Treating with friends and family, and now may even have family of their own in which they enjoy the spooky holiday together. This Halloween will look a lot different due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, yet there is still plenty of opportunity to don your costume whether sweet or spooky and celebrate!

Here at Diversity Styling, we love to see how people think outside of the norm to make sure that everyone feels included. Recently, adaptive Halloween costumes have begun to be produced by larger manufactures such as Disney to accommodate the needs of every child no matter what their situation may be. As kid you want to be able to dress up as the favorite superhero or princess and for most kids that is very easy. Yet, say you are in a wheel chair or potentially have a feeding tube. These causes complications when it comes to finding the right costumes. Disney and Target for example have started to address these issues. Here are a few of the costumes currently being sold: 14 Adaptive Halloween Costumes

Of course, money can also play into the issue of acquiring a Halloween costumes for some families. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to DIY an adaptive Halloween costume that will wow the world. With a little creativity and the fun of the project you can take Halloween to the next level for your little one! Here are some great ideas that shares: DIY Adaptive Halloween Costumes

Source: Target

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