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If you are looking for the best style, the best profile pictures for your social media, the perfect outfit, the perfect gift or just some magical time for yourself in Milan: you are in the right place!
VirgoImage’s personal image consultants, personal shoppers, make up artists and photographers are specialized to transform you in the best version of yourself – online and offline!
We start from who you are now and get to who you want to be in the future!

Your life is going great but your wardrobe is not following?

You think there is always something missing or that you should finally be brave enough to wear what you love?

But… you don’t have enough time, enough energy or fantasy to do it?

It’s time to call a professional: VirgoImage offers you 1 or a whole team that will work on your needs and budget!
You are worth it more than an outfit built in the dark in the morning! Feel free to read some feedbacks from our clients here or on facebook!

My name is Angela Bianchi and I started studying Personal Image Consulting in 2007 in Milan, I then specialized in personal shopping and colors in Los Angeles and started my activity right after. I graduated in Pr and advertising, I speak 5 languages fluently (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Serbian) and my background is in marketing and communication first and export later. I have covered these roles in the last 10 years before dedicating myself fully to VirgoImage.

As soon as I started my career as a Personal Image Consultant and Personal Shopper in 2008, I had been lucky enough to meet more than 5000 clients, from different ages, backgrounds and nationalities – with one same goal in common: acceptance for empowerment.

Now we are a team counting 7 professionals covering all aspects of personal image – what are you waiting for?

Oh yes, we also worked for Philips, Kiabi, Cosabella, The FAb Glasses, Lactacyd, Sicurema, Milena Andrade and some of the best event agencies in Milan.


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Customers experience with VirgoImage

Dear Angela, Your Advice is so precious! I thank you for helping me open my eyes (and my wardrobe). I had so many items – some I’d say old and wrong-sized – left in the back of my closet. I really needed a critical external eye and objectve point of view to help me spot what really flatters my body, and what’s to toss instead.   I really enjoyed your Color Explosion (color analysis) session. I never thought that there might be colors that better suit my face and lines. Also, you made me understand what really my body type is and what clothes, shapes and outfits are best for me. I am sure that from now on, I will be more focused on smart shopping. it’s incredible how many things we accumulate in our wardrobes in years: so many times I instinctively bought items that I then used once or never .. I am sure that thanks to your suggestions I will never waste time and money again! Before knowing you I thought personal image consulting was for few or tv programs: now I would advise it to everybody because it really focuses on you and your real needs. Thank you! Francesca, Milan, pr, press office freelance, blogger Startup In Rosa  Services chosen: Body Booster, Color Explosion, Treasure Wardrobe   Color Analysis and Closet Audit in Milan



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