Feng Shui style, closet audit

Dear Angela,

Pity we could not get to know each other in person, but I wanted to thank you for the excellent service: with Elisa S. we carried out a great work on my energies with Feng Shui, and I felt so free after working on my closet!

And since my meet up with Elisa, your make-up specialist, I’ve started putting it on!

I warmly advise this beautiful experience to everybody, most of all because I spent such a lovely afternoon, your partners are so professional but also friendly and nice, they even made my little 6 year old Aurora place with colors and make up!

Emanuela, Milan

Chosen Services: Feng Shui dressup! and Make-Up lesson

Satisfied with my closet audit

It’s been a great experience and I am really satisfied with what we’ve been able to do with Elisa’s help.

Now I have so many inspirations to put into practice.

E.’s feedback for closet audit in Milan, with VirgoImage’s partner Elisa

Remote Personal Shopper in Milan

Good Evening Angela!

With your advice everything was easier!


(Alessio chose VirgoE-mage, the remote personal shopping service)

Color Explosion and personal image consulting

Some time ago I had a personal image consulting, color and figure analysis with Angela, I must say it was a really pleasent experience. I discovered what colors to invest on clothing and which ones to avoid. I also received valid advice on my stle and shopping tips for various occasions. Angela is very talkative and competent.

Paola M.

Check Paola’s mood board

Perfect Profile Picture: Anna’s experience

If I can add something.. this is one of the most hilarious and moving feedbacks I’ve ever received!


Thank you Girls!
You made me happy!

Anna Marras, Home Stylist, Milano

(Anna is also our VirgoImage Home Stylist  MySelf and MyHome )

Feedback dated 7th August 2015
Service chosen:  PerfectProfile Picture by VirgoImage (in cooperation with photographer Cristina Galliena Bohman and Make-Up Specialist Elisa Bonandini)

Body Booster, personal image consulting in Milan: Nicky’s experience

Hi Angela,

Thank you so much!

It’s been a great experience!
You are great!

Appraising not hiding!
Playing with shapes and colors, falling in love again with dressing up even with a few kg on!
You were the right person in the right moment!

Today I put some of your advice into practice and the result was amazing!
… my friends envy me!!!!

Thank you again!

See you soon!
I’m following you on Facebook!
Have a great evening!


Feedback dated 6th August 2015
Services chosen: Body Booster

Personal Image MakeOver: hair-styling, make up, personal image consulting, color analysis – Angela’s Experience

Dear Angela,

My mom was super happy and the feedbacks when we got back home were great! Especially my Dad was so impressed!

It was such a positive experience, thank you so much!

We would love to have a shopping day with you!

Katia and Angela, daughter and mother, Alessandria

Services chosen by Katia, for Angela, her mother’s birthday present: Makeover, Body Booster (personal image consulting) , Color Explosion color analysis), Make-Up, Hair-styling

Personal Image Consulting and Color Analysis: Francesco’s experience in Milan

Thank you Angela,

Pinterest  is really useful and obviously all the personalized advice you put in!
I started decluttering my closet and the timing was perfect as in a few weeks I will start shopping for winter…

You are a very pleasant and positive person, and this is a great start!
My Pinterest moodboard shows your good taste, love for color and passion for details!

Francesco, Founder of Blumantra, Bassano del Grappa

Feedback from 27th July 2015
Service chosen Body Booster (body type analysis)and Color Explosion (color analysis)

Closet Audit: Silvia’s experience in Milan

Hi Angela,
No way I could put everything back in the closet – I didn’t hesitate to move out all the bags for the charity shop!  ;))
I don’t regret it though!
My closet is empty but full of beautiful things!

Also, while I was leaving out all the old things, a very important memory came to my mind ;-)
It’s been a really strong feeling, getting rid of my own skin.
Now, I need to find out how to compromise betweeb comfortable and nice.. but we’ll work it out!  :)) :)
Thank you for the comments, I’m not going to study my  “personal report“. :)
My color palette is a precious point of reference!
Thank you!
We’ll stay in touch!

S. lady, Milan, 43 years old

Feedback from 27th July 2015

Services chosen Body Booster (body type analysis)  Color Explosion (color analysis) e Treasure Wardrobe (closet audit)

Personal image consulting and color analysis in Milan – Giulia’s feedback

Dear Angela, Thank you for sendimg me my personal report so fast!

I found out so many interesting inspirations I would like to go deep into, such as long dresses, high – waisted skirts and bust-shortening or arm-minimizing tops :-) […]

I would like to thank you again once more: I found your sessions professional and rich in inspirations and new perspectives. I am starting to look at myself more like an ensemble of shapes, lines and colors to harmonize by following the practical indications you gave me.
I really appreciated the fact that you left me talking about my body, choosing the aspects to flatter and the most suitable colors, without ever imposing me your vision or judgement but guiding my considerations towards the right direction.
A good balance between my personal expression and your competence.

Honestly, Thank you so much!

I’ll let you know how my shopping goes :-) Thank you again and all the best to you and the little Giulia!


Giulia (31 years old)

Service chosen: Body BoosterColor Explosion

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