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Courses we provide are meant for all those fashion professionals who need to integrate their knowledge with the personal image consulting tecniques. These courses are also for all those who are just curious, or who would like to develop their passion for fashion but do not know whether this is the right career for them. This is why they need a basic, useful and practical solution at a small price. If you think you are one of them then this is the course for you.

For all those who will desire to go on with their education in personal image consulting, it will be possible either with us or at other schools in Milan or abroad.

As follows all dates of our basic course in personal image consulting and personal shopping:

21-22 May: 150 euro

5-6 June: 150 euro

16-17 June (weekend): 250 euro

Courses open with 3 participants and close with 8. We provide pdf course e-book and proof of attendance.
In order to complete your basic education in personal image consulting we provide basic courses for Feng Shui Fashion Stylists, Make Up Artists and Modeller.
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Be(come) a Personal Image Consultant!

Living or visiting Milan?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a professional personal image consultant and personal shopper? Do you have a passion for styling and empowering people and want it to become your career? Have you just ended a professional course but need some practice?

VirgoOneDayLab is the right opportunity to test your knowledge and practice with a real client with real needs!

During this program the student will be able to test his/her abilities and know-how while the customers can be included in this special project. Angela will always be present and support the new consultant in order to provide a rewarding experience for both the student and the customer.

Students will learn how to apply the theory besides developing customer-related skills. Students will be able to choose the services they would like to specialize in and will be matched to the right client.

Perfect for: students who just finished a personal image consulting and personal shopping course and need some practice, all those interested in becoming professional consultants but not sure whether this is the right career for them.

Duration: 3 or 6 hours

Price to the student:

3 hours: 249 euros

6 hours: 449 euros

Price to the client:

3 hours 49 euros

6 hours 89 euros

Ready to become a professional personal image consultant and shopper? Contact us now!

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It’s been a great experience and I am really satisfied with what we’ve been able to do with Elisa’s help. Now I have so many inspirations to put into practice. E.’s feedback for closet audit in Milan, with VirgoImage’s partner Elisa Satisfied with my closet audit



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