Special Combos

Choose your special combo of personal image consulting and personal shopping services. The best personal image consultant and personal shopper will take care of you!

You can also book a single service here.


Body Booster/ColorExplosion + Discovery Shopping  (3 hours)*
220 euros instead of 240 euros (or 250 instead of 270 euros personal color swatches included)


Body Booster/ColorExplosion + Treasure Wardrobe (4 hours)*

280 euros instead of 320 euros  (or 310 euros instead of 350 euros personal color swatches included)


Body Booster/ColorExplosion e Treasure Wardrobe (5 hours)*

300 euros instead of 400 euros (or 330 euros instead of 430 euros personal color swatches included)

Treasure Wardrobe + Discovery Shopping (3+2 hours)*

300 euros instead of 400 euros


Make Over (complete treat image, color, wardrobe and shopping) (7 hours)*

385 euros instead of 560 euros (or 415 euros instead of 590 euros personal color swatches included)


2 of you buying the service at the same time? Your combo will have further 10% reduction.


Are you a company and need to empower your business identity through your employees and partners? Contact us for a personalized offer!


What’s your budget? Don’t worry I will create the perfect combo for you or if you live in Italy subscribe to the next VirgoOneDayLab

Live services
Body Booster and Color Explosion are usually carried out at the studio while others at home or shopping in town. Prices do not include transfers outside Milan.

Duration of each service depends on customer’s needs and can vary according to each request.

All services not included in the combos or booked separately are 80 euros/hour – Discovery Shopping price can be divided among all participants (groups up to 3 people)

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Customers experience with VirgoImage

It’s been a great experience and I am really satisfied with what we’ve been able to do with Elisa’s help. Now I have so many inspirations to put into practice. E.’s feedback for closet audit in Milan, with VirgoImage’s partner Elisa Satisfied with my closet audit



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